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I love books that makes you want to keep reading and don't want to stop. I love books that gives you kinda of a mystery and you never know whats going to happen.

Book Blog #5

SO far the book has taken us to the beginning wear they first got the elephants. The care taker and Mr. Coad go to the docks and see the animals. The captain tells them what happened to one of the elephants. The captain brings out its trophies, the tusks, the care taker examins them. She tells the captain what she knows or talks about it in her head. The next day they go back with Mr.Harrington and he buys two elephants. She gives them an examination. So she becomes their care taker. Soon after they have been their a couple days, they escape into the yard. She brings them back to they fence areas. The she hides and see how they get out. They move the lock with their trunk. She catchs them and putts them back. Later they knock the door down and where found in the yard again. Now she has to think of what to do because the Harrington's go across the country for the summer. She has to figure out how to get them there.  

Book Blog #4

So far in the book, The Care Taker of the elephants takes Lord Bidborough to see the elephants. The girl elephant gives rides with her trunk, we can call them rides but its just a pick up the person and lift them in the air with her trunk. He is scared but he finds his confidence and lets her take him with he trunk. The Lord starts to ask questions and she answers. He asks her if she ever thought about writing a book about the elephants and he meant their journey together and she says no. Then she went home and started to think about it and thats how the book idea started.  

Elephant Keeper Book Blog #3

The Elephant Keeper - Christopher Nicholson

From the Intro this book is about an elephant keeper. This lady takes care of two elephants a boy and a girl. She takes care of them for Mr. Harrington the elephant owner. She is given an assignment from Mr. Harrington to write about what she has learned about elephants. She starts to write a on paper, which she writes the history of the elephants. She asks Mr.Harrington and he tells her to write about their experience together, their journey together. She starts and she understands of what to write now. 

Leaving Paradise #2

All the students had to go to the assembly. They announced the Wrestling and that the coach is retiring soon. Caleb got in a fight with Brain because He pushed Maggie down. Caleb got in trouble and went to the principal's office. Maggie wen to the Nurse and she was fine. Caleb wanted to see if she was ok. Caleb saw Maggie's scares and after that she really didn't care about them anymore. Then Maggie went to the bathroom and Kendra and her posse walks in. Kendra tells her best friend to check the stalls. Maggie puts her feet up so they don't know shes in there. Kendra starts talking about Maggie. Maggie's cousin Sabrina got tired of it and stood up for Maggie. Maggie was surprised. She came out and they were all shocked. Kendra starts saying stuff to Sabrina and Maggie gathers the courage to depend herself and Sabrina. They got in a big fight and a teachers walks in a asks "whats going on? ". They say nothing so they all go down to the principals office so he can deal with them. Later, Caleb goes home and has a huge fight with his family. Caleb's dad makes him apologize to his mom but nope. He goes to his room packs what he needs and leaves. Leah goes to the park and tells Maggie everything. Maggie goes and finds Caleb. She goes to the place where the accident happened. Caleb pulls up in car with his friend. He gets out and him and Maggie talk. She doesn't want him to leave.

Caleb can't stand staying in Paradise any longer so he wants to go and start fresh. They both say goodbye. He gets in the car and leaves. Maggie is very sad he left her but she understands now. Everything is left the same and changes a little bit but still the same.


The End  

Leaving Paradise

Leaving Paradise - Simone Elkeles

In Leaving Paradise, Caleb Becker, Kendra (Caleb's Ex), and Maggie Armstrong  are in the hallway and Caleb and Kendra are talking. Maggie comes up and hears Caleb say all these lies to Kendra. Kendra says she only wants Caleb, but she is dating Brain (Caleb's friend). He feeds her all these lies and Maggie hears them and tries to get him to explain on why he and Kendra have been hooking up. He doesn't say anything. Kendra keeps saying to tell Maggie what really happened (The accident). He says to stop but she doesn't. He knows his sister Leah (there twins) hit Maggie with the car, so hes trying to protect his sister. He already did the time for his sister, and he doesn't want Maggie to find out what really happened.Maggie slaps Caleb And walks away because he wouldn't answer her, so she walked away mad at Caleb. 

Book Blog #12

So far, a reporter wen to scruples and shopped and Spider helped her even though she didn't wan the help. The the story changed, The reporter was doing an interview on Vito Orsini. Hes a movie producer, then she interviews an actor. Something happened to This actors friend and he wont do the movie with out his friend being buried where is friends wanted to be buried. Then Billy and Vito meet at Curts house for dinner, And later on Billy and Vito i think u can call it seeing each other, Billy started to fall in love with him and he says no. Now Vito is explaining why he wont marry her.  


Book Blog #10

So far in Scruples, Spider is telling Billy how Scruples needs to be changed so they can get more people to buy what she is selling. He is basicly telling her is vision of how Scruples is going to be after hes dome with it. Then 2 weeks later Spider and Valentine plan a party for the first Saturday of November for the opening of the new Scruples. Then they are all together discussing how amazing Scruples turned out. Valentine meantions she has to go buy designer clothes. Billy tells her its to late to find a buyer so Valentine has to do it. Now Valentine is in Paris. 

Book Blog #9

Valentine started working with Prince a fashion designer. Then he went on trip to see a fashion show and didn't tell Billy Ikehorn. Billy Ikehorn surprisingly came to Seventh Avenue, Princes' company and she was there for the new clothes. Valentine and her models did a private show for Billy and she didn't like any of princes clothes. Valentine forgot to change out of her own design and Billy noticed it and asked to buy it. The models got the rest of her deigns and showed them to Billy. She wanted to buy all of them instead of Prince's clothes. She said no to Billy to buy her deigns. Billy wrote Prince a letter or a note and said what she thought. When Prince read it, he fired Valentine and said what he wanted to say to her. Almost a week later Billy called Valentine and asked her to come work for her. Valentine and Spider now work for Billy in Billy's store Scruples. 

Book Blog #8

So far in Scruples, Since Billy's husband had a heart attack, she is trying to keep herself bussy. She decided to make a list on what her Aunt Corneila would do. She made a list because she started to panic and it helped calm her down. She started going out everyday and go shopping. Soon it became an obsession to shop. Every time she went out she had to buy something. Every time she passed a store she had to go and buy something from there. Since she shopped so much she made the extra bedrooms in her house closets. She ended up in Women's Wear, a magazine. She was always in there because she was an example of the West Coast Chic. 

Book Blog #7

So far in Scruples, Elliot moved into an apartment and made a friend who also lives in the building. her name is Valentine. She is american but she was raised the way the french do. She was an assistant at a designer. Then she got a new job at a new designing company. She started dating her boss. Her boss didn't seem like he knew what he was doing. His assistant was like telling him what he thinks and what he knows. Valentine was walking passed when she over heard her boss and his assistant arguing. She found out her boss likes guys basicly his assistant. Then for a week she stayed in her apartment. She was depressed like she was sick but wasn't. Then Elliot noticed after a couple days there was no living in Valentines apartment. He went over there to see whats wrong. He found her in her bed all covered up. He comforted her, he took care of her till she was back to herself. Elliot called some people he knows and got her an interview. She went to the interview and got the job. 

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More in the Book.....Book Blog #3

Now In her life as a kid She is now eighteen in France as a Paying-Guest. Her family likes of her as a poor relative and when she was little her mom died. She has been with er father and Hannah. Hannah is basiclly the maid but like a mother at the same time. She helps Honey is Billys Real name. She started calling herself Billy When She Went to Franc. She got picked on when she was a kid. Now she is in France and getting thinner because she was fat is what everybody called her. So she is proud I guess is what u would would say. The people she lives with is seeing the change in her. She speaks french very good but she doesnt speak very much. One day one of the daughters complamented and they tell her mom she has the Ear which is very good. 

Somewhat in the Book Blog #2

So far in the book Billy Ikehorn went on a trip to spread her husbands ashes over a wineard. Then when her and the pilot got back they went to a hotel. They hung out and Then they started talking about things. One thing she talked about is that her husband wouldn't care if she cheated and if she died she thinks she would do the same. Then the book started talking about how she became her basicly about her life.