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I love books that makes you want to keep reading and don't want to stop. I love books that gives you kinda of a mystery and you never know whats going to happen.

Book Blog #9

Valentine started working with Prince a fashion designer. Then he went on trip to see a fashion show and didn't tell Billy Ikehorn. Billy Ikehorn surprisingly came to Seventh Avenue, Princes' company and she was there for the new clothes. Valentine and her models did a private show for Billy and she didn't like any of princes clothes. Valentine forgot to change out of her own design and Billy noticed it and asked to buy it. The models got the rest of her deigns and showed them to Billy. She wanted to buy all of them instead of Prince's clothes. She said no to Billy to buy her deigns. Billy wrote Prince a letter or a note and said what she thought. When Prince read it, he fired Valentine and said what he wanted to say to her. Almost a week later Billy called Valentine and asked her to come work for her. Valentine and Spider now work for Billy in Billy's store Scruples.