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I love books that makes you want to keep reading and don't want to stop. I love books that gives you kinda of a mystery and you never know whats going to happen.

Leaving Paradise

Leaving Paradise - Simone Elkeles

In Leaving Paradise, Caleb Becker, Kendra (Caleb's Ex), and Maggie Armstrong  are in the hallway and Caleb and Kendra are talking. Maggie comes up and hears Caleb say all these lies to Kendra. Kendra says she only wants Caleb, but she is dating Brain (Caleb's friend). He feeds her all these lies and Maggie hears them and tries to get him to explain on why he and Kendra have been hooking up. He doesn't say anything. Kendra keeps saying to tell Maggie what really happened (The accident). He says to stop but she doesn't. He knows his sister Leah (there twins) hit Maggie with the car, so hes trying to protect his sister. He already did the time for his sister, and he doesn't want Maggie to find out what really happened.Maggie slaps Caleb And walks away because he wouldn't answer her, so she walked away mad at Caleb.