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I love books that makes you want to keep reading and don't want to stop. I love books that gives you kinda of a mystery and you never know whats going to happen.

Leaving Paradise #2

All the students had to go to the assembly. They announced the Wrestling and that the coach is retiring soon. Caleb got in a fight with Brain because He pushed Maggie down. Caleb got in trouble and went to the principal's office. Maggie wen to the Nurse and she was fine. Caleb wanted to see if she was ok. Caleb saw Maggie's scares and after that she really didn't care about them anymore. Then Maggie went to the bathroom and Kendra and her posse walks in. Kendra tells her best friend to check the stalls. Maggie puts her feet up so they don't know shes in there. Kendra starts talking about Maggie. Maggie's cousin Sabrina got tired of it and stood up for Maggie. Maggie was surprised. She came out and they were all shocked. Kendra starts saying stuff to Sabrina and Maggie gathers the courage to depend herself and Sabrina. They got in a big fight and a teachers walks in a asks "whats going on? ". They say nothing so they all go down to the principals office so he can deal with them. Later, Caleb goes home and has a huge fight with his family. Caleb's dad makes him apologize to his mom but nope. He goes to his room packs what he needs and leaves. Leah goes to the park and tells Maggie everything. Maggie goes and finds Caleb. She goes to the place where the accident happened. Caleb pulls up in car with his friend. He gets out and him and Maggie talk. She doesn't want him to leave.

Caleb can't stand staying in Paradise any longer so he wants to go and start fresh. They both say goodbye. He gets in the car and leaves. Maggie is very sad he left her but she understands now. Everything is left the same and changes a little bit but still the same.


The End