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I love books that makes you want to keep reading and don't want to stop. I love books that gives you kinda of a mystery and you never know whats going to happen.

Book Blog #5

SO far the book has taken us to the beginning wear they first got the elephants. The care taker and Mr. Coad go to the docks and see the animals. The captain tells them what happened to one of the elephants. The captain brings out its trophies, the tusks, the care taker examins them. She tells the captain what she knows or talks about it in her head. The next day they go back with Mr.Harrington and he buys two elephants. She gives them an examination. So she becomes their care taker. Soon after they have been their a couple days, they escape into the yard. She brings them back to they fence areas. The she hides and see how they get out. They move the lock with their trunk. She catchs them and putts them back. Later they knock the door down and where found in the yard again. Now she has to think of what to do because the Harrington's go across the country for the summer. She has to figure out how to get them there.