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I love books that makes you want to keep reading and don't want to stop. I love books that gives you kinda of a mystery and you never know whats going to happen.
April 2015
text: Book Blog #5
SO far the book has taken us to the beginning wear they first got the elephants. The care taker and Mr. Coad go to the docks ...
text: Book Blog #4
So far in the book, The Care Taker of the elephants takes Lord Bidborough to see the elephants. The girl elephant gives rides...
text: Elephant Keeper Book Blog #3
From the Intro this book is about an elephant keeper. This lady takes care of two elephants a boy and a girl. She takes care ...
The Elephant Keeper - Christopher Nicholson
April 2015
text: Leaving Paradise #2
All the students had to go to the assembly. They announced the Wrestling and that the coach is retiring soon. Caleb got in a ...
March 2015
text: Leaving Paradise
In Leaving Paradise, Caleb Becker, Kendra (Caleb's Ex), and Maggie Armstrong are in the hallway and Caleb and Kendra are tal...
Leaving Paradise - Simone Elkeles
December 2014
text: Book Blog #12
So far, a reporter wen to scruples and shopped and Spider helped her even though she didn't wan the help. The the story chang...
December 2014
text: Book Blog #10
So far in Scruples, Spider is telling Billy how Scruples needs to be changed so they can get more people to buy what she is s...
November 2014
text: Book Blog #9
Valentine started working with Prince a fashion designer. Then he went on trip to see a fashion show and didn't tell Billy Ik...
November 2014
text: Book Blog #8
So far in Scruples, Since Billy's husband had a heart attack, she is trying to keep herself bussy. She decided to make a list...
November 2014
text: Book Blog #7
So far in Scruples, Elliot moved into an apartment and made a friend who also lives in the building. her name is Valentine. S...
I'm a dork!
September 2014
text: More in the Book.....Book Blog #3
Now In her life as a kid She is now eighteen in France as a Paying-Guest. Her family likes of her as a poor relative and when...
text: Somewhat in the Book Blog #2
So far in the book Billy Ikehorn went on a trip to spread her husbands ashes over a wineard. Then when her and the pilot got ...
September 2014
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